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FIN 571 Final Exam Ver 1

This work of FIN 571 Final Exam Ver 1 consists of:

1) Which of the following statements is true?

2) Which of the following investments is more likely to give you a diversified common stock portfolio?

3) Which of the following assets would pay a dividend?

4) The market price of a bond in today's dollars is the future value of its promised future coupon and principal payments.

5) The dot-com bubble reminds us about what?

6) A stock with a beta less than 1.0 will rise or fall more than the market.

7) Which of the following statements is false?

8) The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) can be computed using the formula: WACC = (1 - L)re + L(1 - T)rd. Which (if any) of the following statements is true?

9) Net present value (NPV) is the difference between:

10) The NPV for a project equals the present value of the future cash flows divided by the initial investment.

11) Firms that use debt financing ____________.

12) The use of debt in the firm's capital structure is called:

13) A firm’s capital structure policy is an established guide for the firm to determine the amount of money it will pay out as dividends.

14) Because zero-coupon bonds make only a single payment at maturity, they are the deepest-discount bonds possible.

15) Which of the below is an example of one acting on the Principle of Market Efficiency.

16) A yield curve or term structure of interest rates is:

17) If the yield to maturity for a bond is less than the bond's coupon rate, then the market value of the bond is:

18) Your father gave you a gift of $20,000 for good behavior and you wanted to invest in the stock market.

19) How much is eight $2000 payments worth to us today discounted at 7%?

20) What is the present value of $50,000 discounted at 15% for 10 years?

21) If I made seven, $1000 payments into a 401(k) account, how much would my account be worth after 20 years if I made 13% a year during that investment?

22) What is the value of a $100 investment that earned 6% per year for five years?

23) What is $1 million discounted at 10% for four years worth to us today?

24) You won the lottery and paid you $100,000 per year for the next 10 years. Assuming that you placed your winnings in an investment account, how much would that amount grow if you earned 6% during that time period?

25) What is the present value of $500 discounted at 5% for five years?

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