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Final assignment-Social Work Aging and Population This is due on Tuesday 5/9/2017


Research Portion on Intervention

After writing about your learning experience in Part I, you are to research ONE particular social work intervention with older adults with dementia and its effectiveness with this population. You can use the Jolene Brackey Book as a reference for ideas.

Discuss the impact of this intervention and its importance with the older adult with dementia.   When discussing the social work intervention, you will be sure to tie in the social work guidelines for values, ethics and rights when working with the older adult population.  You will include a discussion of these social work values and evaluate their application in the particular intervention that you have chosen. You are required to use at least 6 to 7 peer review articles for this paper.

Paper Elements (and proposed structure):

I. Introduction (Approximately 1 to 1 ½ pages in length)

Introductory paragraph should build the topic or thesis. Following the introductory paragraph, have a section that fully describes the social work intervention

II. Social Work Intervention Description and Analysis including discussion of specific

     Intervention Techniques (Approximately 2 to 3 pages in length)

Describe and analyze the social work intervention and discuss its social, therapeutic and historical context, describe effects/impacts of the intervention with the older adult population; describe and analyze specific techniques in this intervention and the techniques effectiveness and impact with this population

 III. Compare and Contrast Discussion of specific intervention techniques as they relate to elders and sub populations of elders (Approximately 1 to 2 pages in length)

Discuss similarities and differences between the intervention techniques utilized with different sub-populations of elders

IV. Values and Ethics as related to the social work intervention (Approximately 1 to 2 pages in length)

Discuss the social work values and ethics involved with this intervention and critique the intervention from this perspective

V. Conclusion (Approximately ½ to 1 page in length)

            Concluding paragraph

Must Upload into TUNITIN. Please note that you can submit the assignment multiple times up until the due date/time. Each time you submit the assignment, Turnitin.com will provide you with an originality report that you may use to check for grammar/syntax, spelling, and potential paraphrasing or plagiarism issues.

Papers showing evidence of poor paraphrasingwill earn an automatic 30-point penalty (i.e., one or more instances involving verbatim phrases without quotation marks, and/or maintaining similar sentence structure from the source material with only a few words changed); those showing evidence of plagiarism will earn an automatic grade of “F” (i.e., whole sentences or paragraphs taken verbatim from source material, and/or failure to use quotation marks or in-text citations). To assist with avoiding these issues, students are welcome to make in-person appointments with me to discuss elements of their papers and/or effective writing techniques.

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