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Topic Outline: You must submit a well-developed paper outline, including all paper headings and subheadings that are clear and concise. The paper's framework must be well-established.Bibliography: You must submit a bibliography that contains 5–7 sources. The information given in your bibliography must be sufficient to retrieve the source easily. When you cite a paper in a journal, make sure the year, volume, and issue numbers appear in the bibliography. Remember, just because something is on the internet, it is not automatically true. Carefully research these sources to ensure they are scholarly. Also, be sure to read the bibliographic references and use your wisdom. When in doubt, do not use the source! "There are plenty of [sources] in the sea."Final: You are required to write a policy paper. The paper should have the following sections: a title page with your name, date, course (GOVT 470) and the instructor's name, an abstract at the bottom of the title page (approximately 150 words), an introduction section, literature section, position section, conclusion, and works cited section (5–7 sources and the textbook is an allowed source). All references used in writing your papers must be cited appropriately. The length of your paper must be a minimum of 4 content pages and must not exceed 6 pages (excluding the title page).Section Contents of Research Paper:

  • Abstract or Executive Summary: the problem, purpose, and policy options to solve the problem or create a solution.
  • Introduction: explains the problem and purpose of your paper.
  • Literature Review: discusses at least 2 opposing positions on a particular policy issue in public administration.
  • Position: support 1 of the 2 positions you discussed in the literature review. In stating your position, you must identify why you believe the option you chose is adequate and why the other position to be inadequate for solving the issue at hand. Furthermore, you must identify possible limitations of your position.
  • Conclusion: a brief summary of what your paper is about.
  • Technical Format: All papers must use the following technical format: Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins from left to right and top to bottom, and double-space each line in the paper. However, if direct quotes used in the paper are the equivalent of 3 lines or more, single-space and separate them from the main text. Make sure you number all pages in each written assignment you submit for a grade.
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