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Finance Exam

The Final Exam is password protected and may only be opened in the presence of an approved proctor. At this point, you should have already submitted the Final Examination Request, and your proctor would have been sent an email with the password to access the exam. The proctor will enter the password, guarding it against student view. If you have not submitted this form, you should access the form in the myCSU Student Portal and submit as soon as possible to avoid delays in completing your course. Processing time for this request is two to three business days.

Students are permitted four (4) hours to complete the exam, and the time limit begins at the time the exam is initially opened. The proctor is required to remain in proximity of the student while the exam is being administered. Exams opened and not submitted within four hours will be disqualified and may result in a grade of zero.

Use of exam materials includes only the course textbook, eTextbook, or permitted resources in an integrated learning resourcses course, a writing utensil, blank scratch paper, and a calculator if needed. Online Calculators or other software may only be utilized with the approval of the course professor or Office of Disability Services. Other materials are not permitted unless specified in the examination instructions. All source material from your textbook, eTextbook, or permitted resources in an itegrated learning resources course, must be referenced (Paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations). You may use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Style Guide) or the CSU Citation Guide for reference.

eTextbooks should be accessed on the computer in which the examination is being taken. Please note, if an examination is taken on a computer that has not been registered with the eTextbook, all features (highlighting, notes, etc.) will not be available.

Please review the Final Examination Proctor Policy located in the Student Handbook for specific guidelines regarding proctor requirements and Final Exam expectations. A link to the Student Handbook can be found by clicking Student Resources on the Course Menu.

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