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Fire six

This assignment will require you to locate, read, and review an article about one of the following topics. The specific selection is your choice:

1. Incendiary fire resulting from the use of a Molotov cocktail

2. An explosion resulting from illegal storage of low-explosive materials

3. An explosion in a fireworks-manufacturing facility, with death resulting

4. An explosion in a manufacturing facility, attributed to confined vapors

5. A residential fire attributed to the unlawful storage of flammable liquids

6. An industrial structure fire in which hazardous materials were not properly identified, resulting in injuries or death of firefighting personnel

FIR 4305, Fire Investigation and Analysis 3


7. A hazardous materials incident involving fire and derailment of tank cars carrying flammable liquids

8. A fire incident involving a clandestine laboratory

The article may be found on the Internet or in a professional journal, magazine, or periodical and shall not be older than five years. Your review shall be written in proper APA format and shall have three to five pages of double-spaced text, not counting the Cover Page and Reference Page, which must also be in proper APA format. Your review will, at a minimum, include the following:

 Provide an overview of the incident as written by the original author

 Include the elements or events creating the incident (e.g., careless action, intentional action, accidental action, etc.)

 How the incident was mitigated and resolved, if it was

 What standards, codes, or laws were violated that resulted in the incident

 What could have been done to prevent the incident

 What effect the incident had on the surrounding neighborhood

 What steps or preventive measures you, as a professional fire investigator, would recommend to prevent any repeat incidents of such a nature

You may include any supporting information found in associated documents or articles related specifically to this incident or similar incidents. Reference all your sources according to APA guidelines, both in text and in a references list.

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