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first 10 pages in 1 week. Due Saturday 1st April noon


This is a 20 paged project, but we will begin by doing 10 pages, After that, I will request you to continue working

I need you to write a second, final part of our Toys R Us project. I am attaching the final report we submitted last semester. Our part starts at page 26. So the new paper needs to be 20 pages long. The first we already submitted focused on suggesting solutions to fix non-standard. Now this paper needs to explain that we tried to implement all those 3 suggested solutions (found at the end of the attached report) and found that the last solution (SELF-INSPECTION) is the one that works.

The paper needs to be written in 3 parts. First part explains the first suggested solution (effective management of meetings) and why it doesn’t work. The reason why it doesn’t work is that even though the meetings have the highest non-standard there is a budget allocated for that so the fact that non-standards is the highest there isn’t necessarily bad and then you will elaborate on this.

The second part explains second suggested solution (learning curves theory) and why it doesn’t work. The reason is that the workers are not aware of the impact their high non-standards usage has on business, they don’t know what they are doing so the curve can’t be implemented in this case and then you elaborate on that.

The third part of the paper is most important and SHOULD BE THE LONGEST. In this part you should elaborate on self-inspection and explain why this solution is the one that works for eliminating non-standard. You can say that we suggested the managers should use a sheet where workers would sign in when they use non-standard and the reason why they are using it (fatigue, incident, fallen pallet, revisits, etc…). This enabled the managers to find people who abuse non-standard the most and then those people become a part of the solution since they are warned and then touch which reasons for using non-standards are acceptable and which aren’t. Then you elaborate on the ways workers can learn and implement self inspection and why this solution is the most efficient. So again, most of the research needs to be done for self-inspection.

The important thing is that you keep in mind we DO NOT WORK IN THEIR MANUFACTURING FACILITY, WE WORK IN TOYS R US DISTRIBUTION CENTER.  I had to do a lot of editing in the last toys r us report you wrote for us because you kept mentioning manufacturing processes that have nothing to do with our line of work.

Please have this finished by April 6h before noon. If you can’t finish all 20 pages by then that is not a problem, send at least a half so I have something to show to my professor.

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