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For Daisy Arabella

Due Tuesday Night 8pm cst 

Based on the assigments that you have done before on the three topics/

For your final assignment, develop a PowerPoint presentation that clearly highlights your case. Draw from all that you have built upon throughout the five previous weeks. Include:

  • A summary of your case with critiques
  • Ethical and legal ramifications (be thorough)
  • An assessment of both sides of the argument in your case
  • Recommendations for change
  • Evaluation of how you will use this information in the future

At the end of your presentation, relate your case to your overall interpretation of the concepts learned in this course. Evaluate how the subject matter of this course affects your interests for further study in ethics and law. Cite any sources you used in the last slide of the presentation in APA format.

Submit your PowerPoint presentation in 10–12 slides with comprehensive explanations in the notes pages of the presentation.Dropbox by Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

On a separate page, cite all sources using the APA format.

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