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For Don Timoh - Final Project

Final Essay Project

25% of Final Grade

This will be a project in a revision to show how you have progressed as a writer and critical thinker throughout the semester. Your goal is to reexamine two of the essays you’ve worked on and revise them based on instructor feedback and your current understanding of the topic or writing concepts.In addition to revision, you will be expanding on the content and research components in order to help enhance the quality of the essay. You will be graded on the improvements and progress you have made from the original draft.

Revision Requirements:

  • Choose two essays from the semester

  • Revise the essays to 1500-1600 words each

  • Increase the number of academic sources to seven per essay

  • Review Instructor feedback and apply it your new draft

  • Make effective changes within your essay to improve your writing style and research content

  • MLA formatting

  • Word Doc. or PDF

Consider the Following:

  • If your research sources are not academic or ineffective, change them

  • If your thesis statement is weak or indecisive, develop it more

  • If your organization is hard to follow, develop a new framework

  • If you lacked MLA formatting, use it

    I'll send it to you feedbacks for these essay and you have to take into consideration when you writing.

    Essay #3- Sources:






    Also, I'll submit some article in attachments If you need you can use them. These sources for Essay#3, as you have Essay#4 sources you can revise the essay easily.

    The due time is 20-21 hours later at this time.

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