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For Exemplary_Professor00

Read the chapter 18: warm demander by Lisa Delpit and In the name of teaching by Medina

Write a 3-4 pages paper,  including 3 parts: 1.Demonstrating comprehension, explaining the understanding of key terms from the readings. 2.Applying the reading, relates the reading to personal experiences and/or provides an example that illustrates key points. 3.Articulating a critical analysis, considers how the new information learned will affect their future teaching practices.

Guiding Questions

1. What this authors believe to be the qualities and skills needed for teachers to create a better future, make better people, and create social change schools?  What kind of plan would you propose for recruiting the kinds of teachers we need for today's schools? And, finally, how would schools have to change.

2. Share an instance in which you had a Warm Demander in your life, how did that person affect you? What are the qualities of that person that you would like to embrace as you become a warm demander.

In a separate page, answer each of these question in a small paragraph(approximately 5-6 sentences)

1. What are the reasons you decided to become a teacher? Is there an experience in your life that might have steered or moved or guided you toward becoming a teacher?

2, What social justice issues discussed about education are you passionate about? As a teacher, how are you planning to address them in your classroom, your school, and your life?

3. What is the most important thing you learned and how are you planing on using that in the future?

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