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 Produce the following marketing materials for an original game: (The best way to do it is to reuse your game from Project 4 or develop a game to the point that screen shots and video can be captured. You are encouraged to use the free assets from 3D Warehouse because they are appropriately licensed for your use. You are encouraged to use Unity.)

- [4 points] You must demonstrate your game to the class. 

- [4 points] A square branding image (similar to a box cover) to represent your game

- [4 points] At least 1 video showing off your game or presenting your concept

- [4 points] At least 4 screenshots or images

- [4 points] A written description of the game along with the tentative system requirements.

- [5 points] Game displays animation

- [5 points] Game accepts user input

- [5 points] Game displays some form of textual user interface. e.g. high score, instructions, credits, player name, etc.

You will receive [8 points] extra credit if you submit your game for distribution via Apple's App Store, Google Play, or Steam.

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