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for kim woods only

Select a business that failed within the last 5 years.  Determine the indicators of the business failure from research. These may include aspects of the leadership style, communication, structure, and so forth.

Describe the role of leadership, management, organizational structure, and the culture of the organization and its departments in the failure of the businesses.

Now, imagine that you are the CEO of the failed organization before the business failure took place. You now have the opportunity to lead the organization in a change process to prevent the impending failure.

Identify the most vital areas for change and the potential barriers you will face during the change process.

Describe the steps you will follow to implement the organizational change.

Required Elements: 

•  At least 1050 words  

•  Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

Please make sure to select a company that has failed in the past 5 years  - and no, Blockbuster is not an option - closed down earlier.

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