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Converting Assessment Activities from the Traditional Classroom to the Online Classroom


For this Assignment, you will convert one of your traditional classroom assessments to the online learning environment. You will also compare and contrast differences in the two environments and explain the advantages and disadvantages of assessment in each of the two learning environments.

Although still developing, assessment in the online environment is in need of further exploration. It is important to understand the implications for transferring course learning assessment activities from the traditional classroom to the online classroom for the purpose of improving student learning and teaching.


The following instructions will guide you in composing this paper:

  1. Read the research article: Hemby, K.V., Wilkinson, K.V., Crews, T.B. (2006). Converting assessment of traditional classroom assignments to the e-learning environment. Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development, 2(2), pp. 1-20.
  2. Choose one of your assessments with the corresponding learning outcome and sub outcome, and learning activity.
  3. Following an introductory paragraph that serves to establish the purpose and context of the paper, address concepts surrounding the conversion of assessment from the traditional to the online classroom. In the main body of your paper, you should address the following aspects:
  • Write about two notable differences in each of the learning environments.
  • Explain one disadvantage and advantage of assessment in each learning environment.
  • Restate your course outcome, sub outcome, learning activity, and assessment.
  • Describe how you will convert your traditional classroom learning assessment activity to the e-learning environment.
  • Be sure to support your position with references to the article as well as other resources that you may have used to support your point of view and approach to conversion.
  • Provide a brief conclusion highlighting the purpose of your paper.
  • Please make sure that this assignment includes a formatted title page and reference page. Remember to follow APA style guidelines.


The purpose of the Signature Assignment is to have you work with real-life data to answer a real-life question using the tools, technology, and skills of MTH/220. In the first week, you must develop a question that can be answered with numerical data and that spans over at least 10 years. For example, "How has the population of the world changed over the past 50 years, and when will the population be unsustainable?"

Here is a list of possible sources to find your data:

  • Healthcare Data
  • Educational Data
  • Criminal Data
    1. Select type of table under Law Enforcement or Incarcerations
    2. Select year
    3. Then select the type of data you are looking for from the dropdown menus and click on Excel. The table will automatically download on your computer.
  • Mortgage Data
  • Census Data (Population, economy, business, education, employment, health, housing, income, trade)
  • UN Data (income, trade, religion, health, poverty)
  • Health Data
  • Globalization, Health, and Agriculture Data
  • UCR Data (crime)

You can either choose a topic from the Student Topics and Questions List or you can create your own. If you chose to create your own, you must obtain instructor approval. You may choose to find data elsewhere (if not listed above), but if you do, you must get the data approved by your instructor. It is very important the data you collect meet the following requirements:

  • It has data from a trusted/peer-reviewed source that is numeric per year
  • You can collect at least 10 data points (data over at least 10 years old)
  • Your question can be answered with the data.

In a Microsoft® Word document containing 30 to 45 words, write the topic/question you are addressing, where you plan to find your data (even if it is one of the above sources), and why you chose this topic.

Discussion 3

Review the instructional video on how to use regression in Microsoft® Excel®.

Input your data into Microsoft® Excel® (data and years).

Create a scatter plot.

Insert a logarithmic trendline. Make sure to show the equation and the R-square value. Also make sure you label each axis and give a title to your graph.

Open a new Microsoft® Excel® sheet and repeat this process for an exponential trendline (showing the equation and R-square value).

Answer the following questions in 175 words in the same Microsoft® Excel® worksheet as the graph:

  1. Does the trendline fit the data? How can you tell?
  2. What trends do you see in your data?
  3. Do you think your data has a horizontal or vertical asymptote? Why or why not?

Save your Microsoft® Excel® file, including the graphic and your commentary. Make sure you do not delete your files, as you will need them in subsequent weeks.

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