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Individual Paper The individual paper or project is intended to demonstrate your capabi lity to research an issue o f importance in IS. You will take an informed position on the issue, and defend it as you show its relevance to other managers. Your paper should define, describe, and explain an issue of interest to you and other managers that centers around information s ystems o r information technology as it e ffects, an individual, group, organization, or society. After some careful research, you should take a position on the issue, and defend it in your position paper. In order to complete your paper, you must choose an appropriate IS issue, research it through reports and articles from the library, or interview with someone in an organization, then formulate a position, and write it up. Your paper should be 5 - 10 pages of original output, double - spaced (including 3 - 5 ref erences to articles in scholarly and practitioner journals, cited throughout the paper, that support your position.)

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