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For your assignment, you will discuss a few of the questions below on a discussion and a Padlet. Answer the following questions 1. Based on your research, give examples how Modern Artaccomplished it

For your assignment, you will discuss a few of the questions below on a discussion and a Padlet. 

Answer the following questions 

1. Based on your research, give examples how Modern Artaccomplished it goals to upset the moral status quo of the 20th& 21st century?

2. Pick a subgenre of art from any time era during 20th and 21st century, such as feminism, equality, religious, secular, shocking, war, Harlem Renaissance, modern, etc., familiarize yourself with the historical events surrounding that subgenre. Then, answer the following question: How did this genre of art accomplish its cultural group's feelings and ideas?

Pick ONE picture you feel deserves the highest award for representing the genre and its ideas and beliefs that you spoke about in question #2.Post that picture on the Padlet link

 Be sure to list the title of the piece, artist, genre, and year in the Padlet submission

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