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For your Final Paper, you will select a target po

For your Final Paper, you will select a target population from the following list:



3.Mentally ill

Your Final Paper must include the following:

1.Research and examine the history of social welfare policy as it pertains to this population, discussing their specific needs from a social welfare program. Have they been oppressed or discriminated against, suffered from lack of income or homelessness, or have they had other needs, such as access to healthcare?

2.Identify the laws that have been passed and programs put into place that have either helped or restricted their access to care and support.

3.Identify the philosophical attitudes and perspectives that have led to either the support or lack of understanding for and marginalizing of this group.

4.Identify the types of resources currently available in your area for this population.

5.Discuss any relevant personal experiences or insights you have had relating to this population, if applicable.

6.Explain the types of roles that human service workers perform in working with this population. Highlight the characteristics of the human service workers that would be necessary for their position.

7.Discuss the types of interventions or strategies that are beneficial.

8.Include a discussion of how you feel this population could be better served and list at least two ways in which a human service worker could work as an agent for change on their behalf.

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