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Forensic Chemistry and Trace Evidence Analysis

Assignment : Fingerprint

Part 1

Open this picture(http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/crimJust/CJ328/CJ328_Unit3_ProjectImage.jpg

) and analyze it as if you were a latent print examiner. You will see an impression with ridge events and features marked. You should:

Identify the pattern.

Determine what the indicated ridge events/features are, including the pattern type (there are a total of 20 items to classify). Simply make a list (1–20) and write down your labels, i.e., type of pattern, bifurcation, creases, dot, ending ridge, pore etc. DO NOT provide an explanation of these items.

Part 2

Explain in a 1–2-page essay the properties of skin and the relationship to friction-skin impressions. Consider such items as elasticity, scarring, distortion, the condition of the skin etc.

Note: Part 2 is an Essay that is independent of Part 1.

Put Part 1 and Part 2 into ONE Word document

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