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formal persuasive essay arguing a thesis 4 pages double spaced

Write a formal persuasive essay arguing a thesis. Make it four double-spaced pages of text, more or less, no more than five (excluding Works Cited List). Your main idea is to be a debatable opinion; it should not be a fact or an opinion upon which most experts already agree. Use at least 3 citations from print sources (maximum 6). Employ the MLA method for page layout, in-text citations, and a Works Cited List (CC 601-618). The focus for this essay, and your thesis, will be proposing and defending a solution to a problem; however, you may also focus on simply persuading us that an existing situation is a problem, provided that this too is a matter of opinion. (In that case, a solution may be suggested in the conclusion.)

- 4 pages double space persuasive essay arguing a thesis.

- outline ( just replace the info in the example attached )

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