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Forum Replies - Organizational Business Class

I need a 200-word reply to each of the following two forum post that were made by classmates in my organizational business class. The post should be positive and not overly critical.

Forum #1

The most complex project I have ever participated in took place last semester in my Global Business Perspectives class. The project consisted of developing a PESTEL model that enticed our company’s directors to conduct business with a foreign international company. The country assigned to my group was the Philippines. The objective involved developing a highly-detailed report concerning the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal services the Philippines offered. Once we developed the report, our group was additionally responsible for creating a fifteen-minute video that familiarized our audience with each portion of the PESTEL model concerning the Philippines. In the end, our group did tremendously well on the project for both the PESTEL summary report and the business proposition cinematic.

I believe our team was successful due to our strong leadership qualities and ability to take initiative within the group. In total, our group contained 5 members and each one was assigned an exclusive section to concentrate on. Each time one of us wrestled with developing ideas, another team member was there to motivate and provide additional advice that became beneficial to the task. Communication was another essential factor involved in our accomplishment. Every week we conducted face-to-face business meetings on zoom to discuss thoughts and ideas on how to complete our task for the week. Once the meeting was concluded we devised an outline including a list of items needed to be accomplished for our project to remain on schedule. Our ability to interact with each other during conference calls and various other contact strategies kept all team members educated on the progression of the project amongst the group.

Therefore, at the end of this seven-week assignment I realized how important it is to have a well-functioning team. One part missing from the group would have cost us a serious drop in our evaluation total. Accordingly, this relates back to tangible business ventures a company partakes in. Therefore, because of this project, I picture my future business containing employees that will bind together and strive to communicate the most proficient avenues for our firm to be successful. Understanding this type of intellect will regenerate my thoughts on how to advance my company while contemplating prospective business opportunities.

Forum #2

The most complex project I have ever participated in was in 2015 in dental hygiene school. The project consisted of an abundance of research on the topic of our choice, which was Microbe Porphyromonas Gingivitis and its effects on Rheumatoid Arthritis. The group had four members including myself to start the research we all wrote a brief description of what we all found on this particular gingivitis as well as the effect it had on R.A. We complied our information and compared to what we all had and made an outline to how we would conducted our research. We split up our research once we had a final document as we all had to speak for three to five minutes about the research that was found. As well we had to build a project board and explain our research to the judges. This project was very important to our group as we compete at our University which was U.T Dental in Houston against our classmates as well go to other dental events to compete against other schools for money and recognition.

Our group was successful as we won two out of the three events. We were successful due to our dedication to our research, working as a team and listening to each other’s ideas and putting together our own research and making a winning project. We met every week at least once to go over our progression of the paper as well as our project board. It was constant communication and long evenings for a few months but it was well worth the hard work.

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