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Fourth Crusade was envisioned by Pope Innocent III, and preached successfully to French Barons by a. Ragnar of Regensburg b. Fulk of Neuilly c. King...

40. Fourth Crusade was envisioned by Pope Innocent III, and preached successfully to French Barons by

a. Ragnar of Regensburg

b. Fulk of Neuilly

c. King John I

d. Peter the Hermit

41. The historian that believes the Crusades were despicable and the result of greed and envy of the East was

a] Madden

b] Runciman

c] Treece

d] Riley-Smith

42. The only woman to be both queen of England and France during her lifetime was

a] Elizabeth I

b] Berengia

c] Sibylla of Jerusalem

d] Eleanor of Aquitaine

43.  The military order that began as protecting Christians on their pilgrimages from Europe to their holy places in the Middle East was the ___________ knights

A] Hospitallers

B] Templar's

C] Pirates of the Cross

D] Teutonic

44.  Eleanor is divorced by Louis VII for

A] infertility

B] infidelity

C] incontinence

D] indifference

45. Sir Thomas Malory wrote a series of books that lives on today: they are known as the

a] Arthurian Legends

b] Vampire Chronicles

c] Charlemagne's Wives

d] Crusader Sagas

46. One effect of the Crusades was the

A] expansion of commerce

B] gold flow to Europe

C] good relations between the Muslim and Christian worlds

D] export of British mead to Cyprus

47. Those who pray refer to

A] nobles

B] merchant class

C] peasants whose city is besieged by Turks

D] clergy

 48. After the death of Baldwin IV, the Kingdom of Jerusalem eventually passes to his sister Sibylla. She crowns her husband______________ king - an unpopular choice

a. Raymond of Antioch

b. Raymond of Tripoli

c. Balian of Ibelin

d. Guy of Lusignan

49. The Third Crusade begins the legend in English folklore of

A] King Arthur

B] William Wallace [Braveheart]

C] Robin Hood

D] Robert the Bruce

50. The Crusades hasten the end of the _______________ Empire

A] western Roman

B] Mongol

C] Egyptian

D] Byzantine

51. . This knight is in love with, and finally seduces Arthur's wife, Guinevere

A] Tristan

B] Lancelot

C] Gawain

D] Galahad

52. One both short and long term effect of the Crusades was

a. peaceful relations with Muslim-ruled states

b. new fashion trends in Paris

c. creation of the Russian navy to challenge the Turks on the Black Sea

d. interest in products from the Middle East and new trade routes

53. Marxists view the Crusades as

A] communist

B] imperialist

C] capitalist

D] colonialist

54. Malory's stories portray

a. the ideal of chivalry

b. greed, lust, adultery, quest for power

c. both of the above

d. neither of the above

55. According to the "rules" of courtly love, a woman cannot love more than one man, or a man love more than one woman

A] True

B] False

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