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General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity, management assignment help

General Motors’ Commitment to DiversityRead the vignette “General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity” at the end of Chapter 3. This vignetteexplores General Motors. Back in the 1980s, valuing diversity was far from the minds of theleadership at General Motors. True, GM had established a program to promote minority-owneddealerships, but there were problems within the company. Women and minorities complained to theEqual Employment Opportunity Commission that the carmaker was discriminating against them. In1984, the EEOC and GM reached a $42.4 million settlement in which GM promised to promotewomen and minorities into management positions. Since then, the company has never swerved fromthat effort at inclusiveness. Today GM garners praise as a company that far exceeds legal standardsfor equal employment opportunity.

DirectionsRead the vignette “General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity” at the end of Chapter 3. Imagine thatyou are a consultant to GM and have been asked to help them identify ways to avoid discrimination.

*Write a 500-word business memo to GM leadership answering the questions below. Follow thememo format in the Business Memo example provided here:http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/business/AB203/AB203_1402A/203_memoexample.pdf. Note that APAstyle is NOT required for business memos.1. Of the activities and accomplishments described in this case, identify which activities GeneralMotors needs to do in order to meet legal requirements and which go beyond legal requirements.2. Identify at least three ways General Motors can avoid illegal discrimination.

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