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greet my classmate 70 words each. 10hrs so 2pm hawaii time NO LATER


My name is Sydney and I currently live in Atlanta, GA. I am studying for my BA in Supply Chain Management. The three learning outcomes that I chose were Applying ethics, Exhibiting clear communication skills, and utilizing informational technology. An example when I applied ethics is when I took a statistics class for the second time. I still had all of my assignments saved from the previous course, but did not revert back to them and created all new work. I could have used them, but chose not to. I feel that I have and am still learning how to exhibit clear communication skills and utilize informational technology. My English classes helped me a lot, but also the courses I took when I first started at Ashford helped me learn the discussion forums and assignment processes as well as how to communication with my peers. Technology is changing every day, but we have an abundance of information at our finger tips, which should help us in any of our courses, jobs, and just lives in general.

Good luck to everyone in this course and I look forward to learning with you. 

Hello class, my name is Rakia Williams. I am 25 years old and currently live in Savannah, GA where I was born and raised. Here at Ashford, I am earning my BA in Education Studies. The three learning outcomes I have acquired through class participation are exhibiting clear communication skills, utilizing informational technology, and articulation the responsibility of global citizenship and multicultural understanding. Over the time here at Ashford I have learned how to effectively communicate with my classmates and instructors mostly through the use of discussion forums and emails when assignments are not clear. The requirement to respond to our classmate's post have taught me how to find common ground with others and use their response and thoughts as learning material as well. Many of my past courses, specifically EDU 352: Foundations of Educational Technology, required me to access a lot of informational technology resources in an effort to successfully complete assignments. One assignment was to create an informational blog for my future students and respond to other blogs on the same topic. Prior to this course, I had no idea how to create an informational blog for students. Lastly, courses such as EDU 382: Meeting the needs of Diverse Learners, taught me the importance of understanding multicultural differences in students. Completing assignments in this course as well as others, allowed me to develop an understanding of how important differentiation is in the modern day classroom and that each student is not the same due to their academic abilities and as well as their cultural background. I hope as we all progress through this course in the next five weeks, we all enhance our learning and understanding on the subjects covered in this course, with hopes that it will help us in our future careers. 

Hi All,

My name is Trenell, and I'm originally from Houston, Texas.  I moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2006 where I currently reside north of downtown.  I have been in the learning and development field for ten years as a corporate trainer. However, a year ago I was promoted to a Network Manager (PR Rep) for my current company in which I have been with for seven years; which is in the dental insurance industry.  I am so excited about my transitioned career path in which my territory includes five states: GA, SC, AL, KY, and TN.

I have a passion for music and media arts.  I received an associate’s degree in music and video business in which I was signed early on as an artist and producer for a record label in Texas; before switching careers. For fun, I produce a cooking show, music, and dabble in the film industry. I have been cast in three films, and the current one is a horror/thriller scheduled to shoot in October.  I play a sheriff who is somewhat twisted and suspect.  I also graduate this October with only three more classes remaining!

Apply ethics and moral reasoning to academic knowledge and societal concerns.  Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility (SOC120) and Ethics and Moral Reasoning (PHI208) – In these classes, I acquired skills in moral and ethical decision-making for the collective society by focusing on ethical problems within the context of modern sociological issues.

Exhibit clear communication skills through investigative research and writing. Information Literacy (GEN103) – In this class, I learned distinct research methods and processes for evaluating information and how to apply that information in my writings legally and ethically.

Articulate the responsibility of global citizenship and multicultural understanding with regard to academic and professional pursuits.  Advanced Communication in Society (COM360) – In this class, I developed an understanding of the responsibility of global citizenship and how cultural issues affect communication among people in different societies.

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