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grop project


Next present your actual measures and discuss how they align with the

aspects you need to measure. You will want to discuss what they

capture and why you designed the measures the way you did. This is

where you demonstrate that you did not just write the first thing that

came to you but thought about how it should be constructed to get you

the most information. Your chance to give the rationale for your

scaling decisions.

The yellow part is the question.

For this part I need 400 words, and follow the instrustion and the dedline is 36 hours later.

the first part is make an assumption, and our group think is the advertise and the teaching knowledge on this part is not enough, and the benefit for people who to donate their blood just little. Because in china, who donate their blood, in 2 years you can free using some blood. focus on the portion ,(local australian people who are living in australia from long time)

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