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Half-wave and Full-wave Rectifier1.The half-wave rectifier has a diode in series with a load resistor.False.With a half-wave rectifier, the output...

Half-wave and Full-wave Rectifier1.The half-wave rectifier has a diode in series with a load resistor. A.True.B.False..2.With a half-wave rectifier, the output frequency equals the input frequency. A.True.B.False..3.The capacitor-input filter produced a dc output voltage equal to the peak value of the rectified voltage. A.True.B.False..4.A diode circuit used to protect a sensitive circuit is called a ______..5.Half-wave rectifier voltage produces__________. A.bi-directional current flow.B.unidirectional current flow.C.no current flow.D.alternating current..6.What is the term for a special kind of high frequency power supply used in computers and monitors? A.crowbar protection.B.half-wave.C.bridge.D.switching regulator..7.The voltage that must be less than the breakdown voltage of the diode in order to prevent damage to the diode is the ________. A.peak inverse voltage.B.maximum diode voltage.C.reverse surge voltage.D.maximum peak voltage..

8.Assume the input signal to a rectifier circuit has a peak value of Vm = 12 V and is at a frequency of 60 Hz. Assume the output load resistance is R = 2k and the ripple voltage is to be limited to Vr= 0.4 V. Determine the capacitance required to yield this specification for a (a) full-wave rectifier and (b) half-wave rectifier. Show all work..9.A full-wave rectifier is to be designed to produce a peak output voltage of 12 V, deliver 120 mA to the load, and produce an output with a ripple of not more than 5 percent. An input line voltage of 120 V (rms), 60 Hz is available. Consider a bridge type rectifier. Specify the transformer ratio and the size of the required filter capacitor. Show all work..10.Silicon diodes are used in a two-diode full-wave rectifier circuit to supply a load with 12 volts D.C. Assuming ideal diodes and that the load resistance is 12 ohms, compute the secondary transformer voltage, the load ripple voltage, and the efficiency of the rectifier. Show all work..11.A half-wave rectifier using silicon diode has a secondary emf of 14.14 V (rms) with a resistance of 0.2 . The diode has a forward resistance of 0.05 and a threshold voltage of 0.7 V. If load resistance is 10 , determine the following: dc load current.dc load voltage.voltage regulation.circuit efficiency.diode PIV and current rating.

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