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Hartmann PC Build/ Manual 1 PC Build and Manual Michael Hartmann Prof. Burnett CMIT 202 April 2, 2016 Hartmann PC Build/ Manual 2 Table of Contents 1....

My networking class prject is to create a PC Build Manual.

It is a basic networking class so I have to come up with a word file documentation which has the following things covered in the manual

Basically explain all the orders briefly and specifically so that it looks like a nice manual. 

The Manual order should be:

Section 1: Workspace Preparation

Section 2: Installing MotherboardSection 3: Installing Power SupplySection 4: Installing CPUSection 5: Installing RAM

Section 6: Installing Hard DriveSection 7: Installing Optical DriveSection 8: Installing Video CardSection 9: Connecting Monitors, Keyboard, and MouseSection 10: BIOS Configuration

Section 11: Installing Windows 7Section 12: Configuring Critical Windows Features

We need to Develop a proposal to design or procure a computer system based on business needs

Selecting the appropriate parts to build and design a computer system:

Selecting an appropriate power supply, CPU, RAM, hard drive, optical drive, and video card

Configuring computer system:


Windows 7

Windows features

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