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Research Paper – Develop a Physician Practice Business Plan for your Medical Group.

Assignment Details:  The Physician Practice Business Plan is a continuous document to focus on a practice business strategy, developed and written by each student in Weeks 2, 4 and 6. A portion of the Physician Business Plan is written during these weeks.  The HEADINGS for each assignment originate from the assigned reading from the textbook. Minimum 6 pages in length in Sessions 2, 4 and 6 excluding title, table of content and references pages with 5 - 7 scholarly peer-reviewed references. The textbook is not considered a peer-reviewed reference. The title page is first and it will be followed by the Table of Content (TOC). Use the HEADINGS below to create the TOC (include page numbers in your TOC). Each paper will have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph since there is new information. There is no Abstract required in the written assignments. Each weekly paper will follow APA format and standards.

Background information: A Physician Practice Business Plan can serve as a “blueprint” for those physicians who are planning on opening up a practice, physicians and class employees who are already working in a physician practice can compare their Physician Practice Business Plan to the organization’s own. Last, for those physicians’ who will be interviewing and asking questions at a prospective physician practice; this information will be useful in your decision-making.

As the practice leader, write a realistic Physician Practice Business Plan# 1. Three research papers are due in Weeks 2, 4 and 6 pertaining to a Physician Practice Business Plan for your Medical Group. These assignments will be cumulative in nature, building each week in your physician practice management knowledge, synthesizing it into a Physician Practice Business Plan. Provide a Table of Content. Discuss the below areas this week as part of your Physician Practice Business Plan:


Type of Practice/Location/Office Hours/Accessibility (after hours, holidays and weekends; patient mode of contacting the office – duty day)

Write a Mission Statement Only

Write a Vision Statement Only 

Write a Value Statement Only 

Services Offered

Develop Standards

Select Accountable Care Organization Model: (IDS, MSGP, PHO, IPA, or VPO) Why?

Information Technology (what other IT will the office feature besides EMR/EHR?):

Facilities Management

Purchasing and Supply Management

Quality Improvement and the Effective Medical Group (Identify issues requiring monitoring to improve):

Opportunities, Risk and Vulnerabilities

Barriers to Success

Measuring Success

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