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Heat transfer project

As part of a design to heat liquid water flowing with a mass flow rate of 2 kg/min through a 0.25 inch (outer diameter) copper tube, you need topressure re select a heating method. This heating method will involve either key convection problem 1, 2, or 3. The water enters the tube at 20oC and exits at 50oC, and the mains roughly at 100 kPa.

If you pick key problem number one, for example, you might select a (split/hinged) tube furnace model of the correct heating capacity and dimensions from Thermcraft Inc. or similar company on the internet.

TURN IN: Your design or selection of hardware to accomplish this task. This should include any calculations that proves your heating method will work. Also provide a model number from the internet of necessary hardware. You don’t need to find tanks or connectors online. Assume that you have infinite resources to accomplish this. Include several sentences that describe the design.

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