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heathcare statement project

In the template, you are given financial statements for year ended December 31, 20X4 (similar to the ones you used and prepared in Weeks 1 and 2). Using the financial statements, you will prepare a budget with your suggestions based on what you learn in Week 3 and 4. There will also be some questions to answers to justify your suggestions. All work will be done on the Student Template.

  • How much do you think staff members make annually?  Since the company will hire two new staff members salaries will increase.
  • Currently rent is $32,000.  Since a new office is being added by how much do you think rent expense will increase? Do you think the new office will cost more or less than the existing office's rent?
  • If the offices increase so will utilities.
  • Do you think advertising and shipping will increase? Is there a need to increase these costs? Why?
  • Since a new office is being added, certainly service revenue will increase.  By how much will revenue increase as a result of adding a new office?
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Click here to download attached files: final accounting.xls
Click here to download attached files: accounting.xlsx
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