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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Financial Managment course project. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Financial Managment course project. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Discussion of the family riches would involve studying the personal, professional and the financial initiative that makes the family rich. Financial initiative Finance initiative represent a step taken by an individual by showing his willingness to remain strong in gaining market share while trumping the existing competition. The Rothschild family has taken a financial initiative to ensure that they remain economically afloat. One of the major financial initiative taken by the family is the maximizing their concentration in bank investment. Since the foundation by Amschel Rothschild the family has continued, sharpen their ways of bank investment because of the realization that it fetch them more money (Nasar, 2000, p.636). The concentration in banking activities has helped the family in developing better ways of increasing their wealth through their investment. For instance, the family have branches across the UK and US something that has helped in increasing their market share. Establishing branches in the richest zones around the world is enough financial initiative that would have acted as a pinnacle for the wealth of the family. The branches helped the family into reaching a wider market thereby raising their acquisition from the market. Another financial initiative witnessed by the family in the early 20th century is their involvement in other investment activities. After the realization that only one type of investment would not serve well, the family went flexible by exploring other investment activities. The family decided to expand their operations by investing in railway, coal, iron working, oil and metallurgical investments (Golden, 2012, p. 67). This change in the strategy assured the family of success since a failure in one activity would have been compensated by the success of another. It is true that diversification in the investment activities helped the family a bid deal especially after the Nazi seized their Austrian banking house. Without the investment in other acitivities, the family would have suffered some sort of downfall. The family has also included in their operation, the provision of government securities. Another financial initiative applied by the family is the expansion of its operation to include government securities and industrial companies. The two, government and industrial companies represent the pillar of any economy. hence, their inclusion means the family has also established themselves as a pillar in the economy. Inclusion of government as one of the clients represents one of the strongest financial initiative that a company can make. It is often difficult for the government to suffer downfalls hence a deal with them is an initiative towards staying rich as long as the government remains in position. The government is the last resort for any activity occurring in a country. hence, including them in investment means the family have strengthened their acquisition in the territory. Further, another financial initiative is the inclusion of the bigger industrial companies in their investment activities. This also assures the family of a lasting wealth since the other big industrial companies would do anything within their effort to avoid downfall. The financial initiative taken by the family, in including the big names in their investment list, means that their downfall would mean the downfall of the global economy.

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