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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Granpa's Gift To Me. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Granpa's Gift To Me. It needs to be at least 500 words. Grandpa’s Gift to Me Lorraine Duhaney inserts number and reference number inserts Word count: 760 11 Aug 2011.

Accepting gifts from the beloved ones has often been regarded as a memorable event in one’s life. It will be a sweet remembrance all through one’s life, if the gift is given or accepted on a special occasion. Though I have received several gifts throughout my life, the one I do remember and value still is my dearest Grandpa’s invaluable and unforgettable gift. I can certainly say that the gift was truly valuable, not because of its price but because of the actual worth and my Grandpa’s great effort. When I refer to such a gift, I know that one may be surprised and exited to know what that gift is. My grandpa presented me a beautiful wristwatch on my 10th birthday. When he presented me the watch, he also reminded me that I should not forget to use it properly. Grandpa showed me the stopwatch function of that golden electric watch and insisted me to arrange my actions after setting timer. Analyzing all the incidents occurred in my life after receiving the gift. I can certainly say that the gift helped me to increase my concentration, discipline and above all my confidence level. Therefore, I can say that a good gift can definitely change one’s life.

I never thought or heard in my life that a gift helps one to increase one’s concentration. Grandpa clearly showed me how such a gift will increase one’s concentration. Grandpa told me that time is so precious that we should not waste even a minute in our life. He showed me the way of saving time with a small and interesting example. When we started having soup after setting the stopwatch, I could finish the soup ten seconds before him. Grandpa encouraged me by telling that I saved ten seconds which will be really useful for me at a later time. After this incident I began to observe things very minutely and gradually felt the level of my concentration increasing.

Another good quality that the gift brought to my life is discipline. Though I was not too lazy, I would very often violate some of the rules and regulations of my school. Majority of these violations were not deliberate and the prominent among them was going late to school. I would often reach school late and miss the first hour of the study, just for being late to some minutes. When started scheduling my time, that is, began to save time, to my wonder I could reach school too early and it opened me the new realm of knowledge. I realized that I was wasting my valuable time on trifles and that is why I cannot complete assignments and homework’s in time. Realizing this fact I rearranged my timetable and to my wonder I could feel a great change in my character.

Grandpa provided me other examples through which I could understand the real value of time and it helped a lot to increase my confidence level. My Grandpa offered me immense help and support during my ‘fight’ with time. He would often remind me the great poet Geoffrey Chaucer’s words about the real value of time when he wrote, “Time and tide wait for no man” (Chaucer). As a person retired from the military service, Grandpa was so punctual and strict in his dealings and affairs. He provided me various examples from his experience. Even after many years of Grandpa’s death, I still remember the great example he showed me and the one I use to share with others. Grandpa showed me two pictures. the traditional hour glass and Life Timer. The traditional hourglass shows how most people measure time. But in the case of Life Timer the sands of time is gone forever. ‘You can’t turn the glass over’, said Grandpa. ‘You don’t know how much time you have in your LifeTimer’, he added. There is no doubt that this example did a great job to increase my confidence level.


To conclude, I would like to share with you the reality that never did I imagine a ‘small’ gift can tremendously change my life. Now I realize that a good gift can definitely change one’s life. I still have the watch to keep Grandpa’s memory alive. Thus, one can assert that overcoming Life Timer has a dominant role in one’s life. I can certainly prove it with the example of the stop watch he provided me. I hope everyone can take my experience when they are confronted with time and having the so called problem called overcoming time poverty.

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