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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Leadership Skill Development. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Leadership Skill Development. It needs to be at least 1500 words. I worked as an assistant manager for the retail section of the Verizon Wireless. Among my major duties included helping the manager in providing customer service and overseeing employees. My work also involved scheduling employees duties and ensuring that the payroll was accurate before it was submitted to the bank. As the assistant manager, I sometimes engaged in solving issues and conflicts among the employees. During the recruitment season, I worked on behalf of the manager in overseeing the training programs. As an assistant manager, I participated in making decisions regarding disciplining or firing of employees.&nbsp.One of the key leadership experiences gained while working with Verizon Wireless was the need to motivate employees to achieve the desired goals. Energizing employees requires the leader to speak in a language that they can understand. I learnt that employees have different personalities and understanding the personality of each seemed to help in selecting statements that would motivate. This also taught me that I should not deal with employees as a group but as individuals because each person is unique in his or her ways.&nbsp.Another leadership experience I gained while working at Verizon Wireless was the importance of promoting the spirit of teamwork at the workplace. &nbsp.This enabled me to identify the possible areas of conflicts before they occurred and made the sharing of tasks between the employees easy. Without teamwork, it would have been almost impossible to reach daily sales target since even the exchange of information between the salesforce and the management would have been minimal. The employees responded positively when I gave them direction on what was supposed to be accomplished each day. As a leader, one should exert a positive influence towards the employees by showing the direction of work (Collins, 2014).&nbsp. One of the personal leadership strengths is the ability to spread optimism and energy among the employees. I chose this quality because it has shown to have the capacity to maximize the motivation of the employees. One way through which I was spreading optimism and energy among the employees at Verizon Wireless was by evaluating their performance regularly and guiding them on how to improve it (JWI510, 5). This was also achieved by attending to their needs timely and appropriately. Some of the needs that I was required to attend to included providing the employees with the appropriate working tools, organizing the work schedule appropriately, solving workplace conflicts in a manner that both parties were satisfied (Collins 1). It would be important for me to continue nurturing this strength because the success of any business organization would highly depend on whether the employees are motivated. The second personal leadership strength identified is the courage to make unpopular decisions when I had to do that. This is an important strength because the current business world is dynamic and every business organization has to adapt to the changing business environment. As a leader, I should have the courage to say when there is a problem because it cannot be solved unless it exposed. However, the unpopular decisions made should focus on the greater good of the organization (JWI510, 5). While there may be many seemingly good ideas about a given problem in an organization, a good leader may decide to leave them and go for the unpopular one it is good for the success of the organization. It would be important to nurture this strength for future leadership as it might one day require me to challenge the status quo to improve the organization.

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