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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Listening Assignment (Based on Ch. 1 and 5 in Your Text) DUE DATE: On or before midnight Tuesday, October 7. Papers should be a minimum of 1 page

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Listening Assignment (Based on Ch. 1 and 5 in Your Text) DUE DATE: On or before midnight Tuesday, October 7. Papers should be a minimum of 1 pages and no more than 2 pages, word processed, double spaced. Place your name and the date in the u. It needs to be at least 500 words. Listening Paper Assignment Affiliation: I was listening during my family dinner from the preparation of the dinner to the end of the dinner and later on I went to complete my studies. The dinner preparation and eating provided interesting recording for my diary.

I was an appreciative listener chipping in to respond and appreciate what the speaker was talking about such as giving compliments about the food. This allowed me to pay close attention while letting the conversation flow effectively.

I was constantly distracted by text messages in my phone and at times lost focus and day-dreamed making me lose snippets of the information being shared. This is a common behavior especially when the speaker becomes monotonous.

Yes I engaged in informational listening during the time dinner was being prepared. I took notes of the dessert recipe as it was something new and I wanted to try making it later on. I paid very close attention with minimal interruption only to ask question and seek clarifications such as the amount of heat to use and about time directions.

I engaged in a bit of critical listening during dinner when the family was planning on what to do during the Halloween. I was majorly involved in evaluation of the suggestions being made, carefully evaluating the pros and cons and eventually participated in the final decision making. I sometimes made my emotions cloud my evaluation leading to negative criticism which at one point led to a heated argument on the dinner table. After this I started paying close attention and being less judgmental and this eventually paid off as we were able to come up with a unanimous decision.

I provided emotional supportive response when the dinner discussion went haywire as a result of my criticism. It worked as it helped cool the situation.

I am usually a poor listener because I am easily distracted, get bored quickly. However, on emotional matters, I am a very good listener and this leads me to assisting people undergoing emotional turmoil in their lives. These were evident during the dinner preparation and eating where I got distracted easily when conversation became monotonous and hence boring but when the discussion became emotional, I started paying attention and eventually contributed to calming people down and making a decision.

My lack of paying attention and boredom which I did not hide well led to the discussions being emotional and criticism increasing. During the preparation of the dessert where I was quiet taking notes and paying attention, I learnt a lot and no negative energy was being felt. I learnt that my lack of paying attention and not hiding it well hurt people and it should be stopped or at least well masked.

My first goal is to be an attentive listener no matter how boring the speaker is. The other goal is to offer my criticism in a less hurtful way and especially when the speaker is making an effort trying to explain a point. I will work of being more responsive and giving feedbacks where they are needed. I will make a point of wanting to listen to what others are saying the way I made an effort to listen when being informed about the recipe for dessert. Lastly, I will work on being perceptive when I listen to others.


Purdy, M. and Borisoff, D. (1997). Listening in Everyday Life: A Personal and Professional Approach. Maryland: University Press of America.

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