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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Recruitment and Selection. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Recruitment and Selection. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Thus, the principle guidance policy of the Recruitment and Selection process is the merit principle, requiring that the process should be done on the basis of merits, by ensuring that the candidates are selected based on their suitability for the job vacancy, without any favoritism or discrimination of the candidates based on any other factors. Under the merit principle, it is required that the selection and recruitment process should be fair, credible and in strict adherence to the policy of equal employment opportunity (Bach, 2005 p27). However, there are circumstances under which the Recruitment and Selection process may be allowed overlook the legal and ethical guidelines of recruiting a candidate, when a certain vacancy within the organization is created, targeting an already identified competent individual, thus eliminating the need to follow the whole Recruitment and Selection process (Schultz & Duane 2010 p53). Nevertheless, even under such circumstances, the principle of merit, as well as the requirement for non-discrimination or favoritism must apply. Thus, the exemption to following the whole of the Recruitment and Selection process does not amount to an exemption to adhere to the legal and ethical requirements of the recruitment process, but only to skip some of the procedures involved, such as advertisement of the job position, where the vacancy is targeting an already available competency (Runhaar & Sanders, 2013 p236). The fundamentals of Recruitment and Selection as a Human Resource function are that. the post must be publicized, the selection and recruitment must be on the basis of merit and already predetermined criteria, and a record of all the selection and recruitment decision must be kept (Schultz & Duane, 2010 p53). Types of Recruitment and Selection The Recruitment and Selection function of Human Resource Development can take the form of either internal or external selection or recruitment. Internal Recruitment and Selection This is a form of filling the job vacancies within an organization through recruiting individuals internally or within the organization (Neil, Born & Nicole, 2002 p207). There are various advantages that are associated with recruiting individuals from within the organization, the most important being the fact that such individuals have the ready knowledge of how the organization works and functions, and thus offers a reduced cost advantage, by eliminating the need for further induction and orientation to the organizational functions and operation (Bach, 2005 p12). Further the individual recruited internally will need less time for training and subsequent fitting into the post. Another advantage associated with this form of recruitment is that. the organization reduces the chances of disruption of its functions, considering that the individual recruited is already used to working with others who are within the organization (Runhaar & Sanders, 2013 p243). In addition, the internal recruitment of individuals to fill in a job position that has fallen vacant or that has been newly created serves as an incentive, to motivate the individuals within the organization to keep working hard and improving on their knowledge and competencies.

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