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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Rise of The Factory System. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Rise of The Factory System. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The onset of the factory system had many different impacts on the labor force, these impacts were both good and bad. By bringing workers under one roof it was easier for owners to supervise and manage the manufacture of products, they were also able to ensure that work was not duplicated and it was carried out in the most efficient manner possible. Also, it was the factory system that was the cause of the development of modern-day management theory through the studies that were carried out by individuals like Fredrick Taylor and others. By bringing labor under one roof the owners were able to discipline the staff appropriately and especially they were able to ensure that productivity was high, therefore as owners of the machinery, they stood to gain a great deal. In the case of the workers, the benefits and disadvantages that they faced were quite mixed. While the factory system gave them a steady income, living in such close quarters with so many different individuals, living in unsanitary conditions as the big cities turned out to be due to the convergence of workers and working in very unhealthy environments that were often inadequately lit up and ventilated caused many diseases and also created an unsafe environment where workers were often prone to succumb to fatal accidents. While some opponents of the factory system insist that the machinery imposed discipline on the workers the author of this paper begs to differ on that matter, it was not the machinery that imposed discipline on the workers, rather it was the fear of not having a job or means of survival that caused workers to work harder and be more productive as they did not want to lose their job due to a machine and therefore it can be stated that machinery caused them to work harder and be more disciplined, however the influence of machinery on the workers was indirect (Trainor, 1993, pp. 45 - 61).

Based on the information that has been discussed above it is apparent that the factory system worked in favor of the machinery owners or the employers cum “factory owners” as they were able to increase production of goods not only through the use of machinery but also by using the fear factor, that workers would stand to lose their jobs if they were not productive enough (McKendrick, pp. 234 - 245). Therefore it is safe to say employers in the early part of the nineteenth century played on the fears of the workers and exploited the workers for their own gain. Since it was not until the middle part of the 20th century that labor laws came into effect and therefore workers were at the mercy of the employers, the employers were able to almost anything and get away with it (Joyce, 1980, pp. 93 - 136). Also since the class system was in existence at the time, the working-class citizens who were often workers in the factories were at the mercy of the wealthier folk who owned the factories and thus employed them (Pollard, 1963, pp. 1891 - 1901).

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