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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Tourist guide system. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Tourist guide system. It needs to be at least 500 words. Lancaster Guide Project Instruction Lancaster Guide Project of the Lancaster Guide Project The Project is aimed at developing adevice that can be hand-held for the Lancaster visitors. These devices are computerized and feed with all physical locations of area in and out of Lancaster, as well as, most preferred areas by customers. It is designed to give directions to the user from one position to the other, access the best places in town and receive or send text messages. The project obtains information from a Wireless Communication Link which makes it different from other Computer Based Projects (Martin, 1994). The guide system comprises of base stations such as chain of cell base stations, units that are designed to be hand-held that are based on Off-the-Shelf Fujitsu Team Pad Units and visitor’s information as reflected in the PC back at the office. These stations are PC’s that are standard that have a link to the internet as well as a WaveLAN Card. Thus, these base stations enable broadcasting of data and information that is within the vicinity and transmissions of position information from the local cells. Additionally, a GPS can be fitted if more accurate information is needed.

In order to be able to retrieve data from the device, one need to press the ‘info’ button which then displays all the information about the visitor’s current position. The version in this project is an advanced version of the former that displayed a number of position choices on the tourist’s location. This is because unlike the project guide device, the former version of the guide device did not have the search engine (Andrew, 2009). However, using the new version, the visitors’ position can be identified using a Guide Tag Insert Position. This label is useful in identifying a visitor’s location in a dynamic way. For example, a tourist can identify their location by just asking a question on his or her location. This approach has got many advantages over the earlier approach. Using this guide a visitor is able to make bookings online, able to identify his location, make text messages and also able to navigate to various places. The earlier approach did not have the ability to identify the location of the visitor and also was not portable like the latest model.

Approaches to Information Delivery

According to Martin 1994, push based strategy of information delivery is found in the communication between the tourist and the guide. The delivery of information in this case can be non-interactive or can be interactive. For example if the delivery of information is done through a radio or television then interactions between the buyer and the seller are not possible. On the other hand, if communication is done through the internet or on mobile then the interactions are made possible. However, the pull based strategy of delivery of information is different. In this case, the customer makes an order for the product and the buyer delivers it to them. A company only produces products that have been ordered (Martin, 1994). A Push Based Mobile Guide system has got advantages over the pull based. For example, many customers are able to purchase the smart phone because they are readily available. Once they are released to the market the many people including those who didn’t know about the product are able to access it. The demand for products with the push based strategy enables production of more smart phones hence more profit is earned.

Alternative approach to direct navigation

Direct navigation as provided by the guide is not the best way of navigation as it does not give the visitor a room to think. This could not be the best especially when dealing with those people who are visually impaired. Therefore there is need to have an alternative source that has both the visual and audible range aid (Martin, 1994).

Interactive and Non interactive Public Displays

According to Andrew 2009, a mobile phone will be produced that has a projector. Such a projector is very useful in the navigator’s mobile phone as it is able to project direction. Interactive Public Displays of these phones ensures that the customers are able to interact with the products before purchasing them.


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