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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Critical Thinking College. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Download file to see previous pages... According to definition, critical thinking is

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Critical Thinking College. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Download file to see previous pages...

According to definition, critical thinking is the intellectual process of conceptualizing, analyzing and evaluating information gathered from observation, experience or communication (Mahwah, 1996, page 64, paragraph 4). In simple words, critical thinking is about involving the skilled judgment or observation of situation into decision-making process. Critical thinkers do not only make the decision based on what they think is the right choice, but they also evaluate the outcomes of their choice for positive and negative results. Critical thinking is about using knowledge and this ability cannot be developed hastily.

Human brain is biologically set up to make sense of received information through summarising and reducing the amount of it. For example, an individual can decide that the unknown animal is a dog, because the animal has physical similarities with dogs. Even though this example is simple, it does reflect the application of critical thinking skills to evaluate the situation and make the conclusion. In the workplace setting, required critical thinking skills are different. For example, one of my co-workers, Peter, was very different in terms of work values and ethics from all of other employees including our supervisor. Even though his productivity has always been above average, he was labelled as lazy. My supervisor has informed the staff that there will be downsizing and one person has to leave our team. He has asked me to evaluate the performance of all team members and decide who should leave. The first person I has in mind was Peter, even though his productivity was above average, he has completed his job very slowly. Nevertheless, not Peter's name was on the top of the list I provided to my supervisor. If it was, my decision would lack critical thinking.

To make my decision in this particular situation, I have identified the causes of staff reduction and hypothesized that the major cause is unproductive working. Thus, the person who should leave the company must be the one who is the least productive. Productivity was most important factor to focus on. Peter was slow and lazy, but his productivity was above average. I have developed the employee evaluation scale to monitor and analyze the productivity of team members. In the result, it became evident that Shawn's productivity was the lowest - he was the friend to everybody but instead of doing his work, he was talking with others all day long. Thus, through applying critical thinking skills I have identified the person who should leave the team - the one who contributed less.

Following the above example, when college students enter workforce, they are amazed with the complexity of every day decision-making processes (Muir, 1996, vol. 59, page, 78, paragraph). It is more complicated than choosing the restaurant to dine at. the success of company depends on the decisions made on daily basis within the company and one wrong decision may lead to failure. It is not always obvious who the key players are, however, when it comes to making the decision and finding the solution to the problem, every employee has the opportunity to apply his/her critical thinking skills. The absence of critical thinking means that the individual blindly accepts the situation without making any evaluation and analysis.

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