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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Health promotion High School. It needs to be at least 1500 words.There are other connected programs like Healthy Border 2010 with their priority ta

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Health promotion High School. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

There are other connected programs like Healthy Border 2010 with their priority task of distributing health promotion cards.

Americans are facing drinking, drugs, and many other connected problems. Media coverage of the drug problems has created sufficient public opinion about drug abuse and the aftermath,

substance abuse and high-risk youth problems.

"Because of the mass media's endless appetite for new subjects to report, and because of the increasing public interest in health and fitness topics, the media are not just a passive vehicle for health promotion," (Backer, 1992, p.6).

Along with the interest generated by mass media, sociologists developed various models of health belief, sometimes, with the help of psychology. Of all the models, Becker's model had been accepted as perhaps the most viable one.

Health belief model: (Becker 1974), "The model suggests that the likelihood of an individual engaging in a particular action is a function of their perceptions of the relationship between a behaviour and illness, their susceptibility to that illness, the seriousness of the illness, and the particular costs and benefits involved in engaging in the particular action," (Bunton, 1992, p.27).

On the other hand, Tannahill's model of health promotion relies on the 'health education plus' account. He sees three elements in health promotion: health education, preventive medicine and health protection. There had been many surveys and studies over the years targeting the best health plan for Americans. Survey conductors were appalled by the still unsafe practice of sex, sometimes, sex frenzy, alcoholism and extreme drug use. On the whole, surveys and sampling had been very useful, especially in the areas of diverse cultures and beliefs.

"They can also help the health professional dealing with patients on a one-to-one basis to be more sensitive to their beliefs and personal circumstances, and tailor counseling for a healthier lifestyle in a more effective way," (Badura, 1991, p. 189).

With other alternative schools of medicines becoming known in the recent years, Americans now have a choice of choosing any of them, without depending exclusively on allopathic medicines. People had resented the side effects of allopathic medicines for a long time and it is not possible to ignore them any more. Sometimes the side effects are stronger than the sickness itself. People, seeking a lifespan of health, are on the verge of using alternative medicines and are more interested in further information and research. National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is providing funding for research. These alternatives comprise of herbal medicines, homeopathy, unani, Siddha, Chinese

traditional medicines including Acupuncture, Indian Herbal medicinal system called Ayurveda, physical therapies and massages of various disciplines, etc. Yoga, an Indian way of relaxing exercises, has already been popular in America for sometime now, and people who have undergone yoga therapy, are surprisingly attracted to it. It is known as an alternative lifespan remedy and therapy for many health ailments, even though it is not a medicinal system. Talking about medicines, these are unconventional, untried and unorthodox medicines in the West, unproven, and not similar to the conventional allopathic medicinal practice.

A lot of stress had been laid on the herbal medicines these

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