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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Implementing Change in Healthcare. It needs to be at least 2000 words.Download file "Implementing Change in Healthcare" to see previous pages... Th

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Implementing Change in Healthcare. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Download file "Implementing Change in Healthcare" to see previous pages...

The basic problem with healthcare is that there are too many patients wanting the same type of health care. This breeds monotony into the life of a heath care professional and hence the employee becomes bored of doing the same job again and again. Also an employee gets de-motivated when patients keep coming with the same diseases and they feel that they aren't doing anything substantial to help patients.

For an employee to feel satisfied, he/she should be put of job rotation so that different kinds of jobs are being done after every few days. Seeing different diseases and helping out to solve them, is not only beneficial for the employees to learn new healthcare techniques, it also helps them to realize the importance of their jobs. Such a situation calls for bringing about a change in the medical profession.

No matter whether a change is of major proportions or is objectively rather small, the change manager must anticipate that people in the organization are going to find reasons to resist changes. It is a basic tenet of human behavior that any belief or value that has been previously successful in meeting needs will resist change. This applies even if there are better more successful alternatives to meet those needs.

Resistance to change takes many forms. ...


Change Agents

Passive Active

Energy of Response

Reasons for Resistance

The main reason for resistance is the uncertainty of the new situation. People like to lead their lives the way they have been living in the past unless that life is entirely unsatisfactory. Change is attached with negativity and this bias is not entirely wrong. Factors such as downsizing, change in working conditions, having a new boss or a new organizational structure is related to having a negative affect on these people.

Kotter give four basic reasons why employees resist change.

1. 'Parochial' Self-Interest - This belief is that people are selfish and they care only about themselves thus a change in their surrounding is bound to affect them thus they resist it.

2. Misunderstanding - The second reason given by Kotter is that due to lack of proper communication and information/knowledge about the change begets resistance from the employees.

3. Low Tolerance of Change. -Thirdly people want to live the life they have been living and want the security and stability in their work.

4. Different assessments of the situation - The last reason is purely business natured. This reason says that employees in the business would either agree or disagree with the change decision. Some people might see the advantage of change while others might see the same factors as the disadvantages.

Force Field Analysis

The force field analysis is a method which helps in identifying the most important target groups for a campaign, identify competitors, it helps in identifying how to influence these target groups and helps in investigation the balance of power regarding an issue.

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