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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Launch of the Camera Phone. It needs to be at least 2000 words.Download file "Launch of the Camera Phone" to see previous pages... Promotional acti

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Launch of the Camera Phone. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Download file "Launch of the Camera Phone" to see previous pages...

Promotional activities like advertising, marketing collaterals, personal selling and promotional activities should be all done in alignment with the goals and objectives of the company. Media should be managed and used to company's benefit and sales promotions should be used to attract people to new product and create market penetration.

The camera phone is a 3G Smartphone which is a superior phone with an integrated camera. It has 100 hours stand by battery time and 20 hours talk time. It has all the functions of a phone including audio video conversation, organizer, text and picture messaging. It has an MP3 player and a 5 mp camera which ensures great result of pictures and movies. It has access to internet and has word processing applications. It can store up to 1000 contacts and messages. It has an internal built in memory of 2 GB and is priced at $ 320.

Marketing Analysis is done to determine how attractive and receptive the market will be for this product. (McQuarrie, 2005)It also analyses the opportunities and threats of the market that may result in strength and weaknesses of the product. The target market of this phone is upper middle class, who need functionality, style and entertainment all in one phone.

In the world today there are 4.1 billion subscribers of cell phones (Sachoff, 2009) , every 1 out of 5 phones sold is a 3G phone which makes the market size of 3G phones around the globe around 0.8 billion. The market growth in 2008 was approximately 14% this year it is estimated to be 13% even after the global recession. The camera phone industry in nowhere near the decline and it still has a lot of growth potential. (Palenchar, 2009)

All the major competitors in the market like Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson are showing 18% -25% of net profit so market profitability can be assessed to be around 20% for this phone. This also indicates that the buying power of the buyer allows him to buy the phone easily. The supply needed for the making of the phone is easily available, in most countries barriers to entry are very low, only in highly developed countries there are some legal implications. The camera phone had to constantly redefine itself and innovate as it may be substituted by other products. The competition is intense and rivals are working day and night to achieve a new universal selling proposition daily. (Glader, 2006)

According to the current market trends a mobile phone should be able to provide basic functions of the phone that is voice conversation and text messages. (New smart phones can be a smart buy, 2006) Along side this people want their mobile phones to have cameras and mp3 players and the capability to enable video conversations. Bluetooth connectivity, organizers, e-mail facilities , instant messaging, games, radio, infrared and ability to watch streaming video and download video for, wireless modems and wireless accessories, memory cards are becoming the essential demands of customers. The makers of this phone have kept in mind the changing market trends and made sure that their phone attracts a large number of people through its functions.

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