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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Money and Love. It needs to be at least 1750 words.Download file to see previous pages... Li Jia was one of the students to take advantage of this.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Money and Love. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

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Li Jia was one of the students to take advantage of this.

It was while in the academy that Li Jia meets Du Mei. Du Mei was a famous courtesan and was popularly known as Du Tenth. Li Jia falls in love with her. And eventually, he spends most of his time and money on her.

This was the start of their love story. And it would not have been made possible without money. It was money that sent Li Jia to the Academy. It was money that enabled him to spend time with the courtesan Du Tenth. Without money, their paths would not have crossed in the first place.

The story turns when the funds of started to dwindle. Since Du Tenth was a prostitute, time spent with her requires payment. Her madam started to become worried as Li Jia became an unprofitable client. She advises Du Tenth to stop seeing him but Du Tenth, already in love with Li Jia, refused. Du Tenth and her madam came up with an agreement. If Li Jia could pay three hundred taels within ten days, he can have Du Tenth in exchange.

However, Li Jia had not a single penny. He tried asking his friends for help, telling them he wants to go home but he needed money for travel expenses. No one believed him though. Even his close Liu Yu-chun though that the agreement was a con and believed that Li Jia would eventually be tricked of whatever money he comes up with.

Since Li Jia was having difficulty gathering the money, Du Tenth helped him out. She gave her personal savings amounting to one hundred fifty taels. This convinced Liu of Du Tenth sincerity and eventually lent Li Jia the remaining one hundred fifty. Li Jia paid the madam so he and Du Tenth were already free to live as husband and wife.

In this part of the story, we see that again, money, or the lack thereof, played an important role. Firstly, the sincerity of Du Tenth's affection to Li Jia was tested by his the lack of money. Du Tenth was a courtesan. She only spends time with those who can pay for it. Since Li Jia cannot pay for it, will she still be willing to spend time with him Of course the answer is yes. As such, in the test of love, Du Tenth succeeded. She was able to prove her love for Li Jia was real and did not depended on whether he has money or not.

Secondly, in the process of gathering the required money, Li Jia had to humble himself. He knocked on doors, went to friends and begged for money. He even had to lie so people would lend him money. He was relentless. He did all of this just to be with Du Tenth.

Thirdly, the sincerity of Du Tenth's affection for Li Jia was further proven when she parted with her life savings to help Li Jia in acquiring the money. This was contrary to the nature of a courtesan. A courtesan gets paid to be with a man. In this case, it was the courtesan who paid to be with the man. Indeed, Du Tenth truly wanted to be with Li Jia.

Fourthly, their life together was made possible because of money. If Du Tenth and Li Jia had not paid three hundred taels to the madam, Du Tenth would still be living in the quarters as a courtesan. Also, if the friends and sisters of Du Tenth did not lend them money, they would not have anything to spend for travel.

Hence, their love for each other was proven, developed and made stronger. It was the lack of money and the eventual search for it that made all these possible.

Tested by money

During Li Jia and Du Tenth's journey, they came across a young man named Sun Fu.

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