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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Politics of Globalization. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Download file to see previous pages... Iran not only recognizes the validity of globa

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Politics of Globalization. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

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Iran not only recognizes the validity of globalization, but has time and again stressed the need for incorporating it within the ambit of globalization at various international forums (Xinhua News Agency 1). At the same time, Iran insists on continuing with its staunch anti-West policies and vociferously defends its poor human rights record.

Though philanthropy and altruism are an integral part of the Iranian culture, in the last two decades these noble gestures have emerged in a more formal orientation, in the form of NGOs. These NGOs tend to differ from the NGOs of the past in the sense that they have turned out to be immensely successful in soliciting the support and cooperation of the Iranian youth (Sayyah 2003). Such NGOs are involved in a variety of pressing issues such as human rights, environmental issues, women empowerment, child well being, social development, trafficking etc (Sayyah 2003). The problem that most of these NGOs face is a pathetic lack of expertise and professional management (Sayyah 2003). The situation urgently calls for an ameliorating intervention of the Northern and Southern NGOs that is severely constrained by the restrictive nature of the Iranian laws that govern the registration and functioning of NGOs (Katirai 2005). However, the new regulations promulgated by the Iranian authorities have made it slightly easier for the foreign NGOs to operate in this country. Still it is the tacit policy of the Iranian regime to allow for a closely monitored working of the charitable and humanitarian NGOs while strictly forbidding the NGOs associated with controversial issues such as human rights and women rights.

There exist many Iranian NGOs like Society of Patriotic Women, Women's Center and Iranian Women's League who profess a deep concern for securing the rights of women within the family and the society. Though these NGOs were secular in their moorings, yet over the years they have become "overtly Islamist in nature" and tactfully abstain from directly attacking Islam (Brill Online 2008). Instead they resort to explaining the suppression of Iranian women as a distortion and misinterpretation of Islam (Brill Online 2008).

The proliferation of NGOs associated with human rights, be it of Northern or Southern origins is strictly banned in Iran. However, the Northern human rights affiliated NGOs like Human Rights Watch, though operating from outside, serve the vital purpose of exposing the infringement of basic freedoms and rights by the conservative elements within Iran and are an important source of motivation and inspiration for the civil society activists in Iran (Human Rights Watch 2004).

Drug abuse and AIDS has become a big problem in Iran. Many of the Iranian NGOs are working in close coordination and cooperation with the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime to deal with the menace of drugs and HIV/AIDS (United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime 2008). Iran's Green Society and Green Front of Iran are the two leading NGOs active in the field of environmental conservation. Mother and Child's House has done immense work in extending reproductive healthcare facilities to the women in the region.

According to some authentic estimates, at present there exist some 1500 NGOs in Iran.

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