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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Prevalent Behavioral Issues in Children Exposed to Domestic Violence. It needs to be at least 3500 words.Download file to see previous pages... For

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Prevalent Behavioral Issues in Children Exposed to Domestic Violence. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

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For a long time now, domestic violence has largely been understood as social problem-affecting women exclusively, but recently, attention has shifted towards its multifaceted impacts on children exposed to it. Domestic violence has become a devastating social problem today because of its vast impacts on social relationships and on the victims themselves, especially children who witness instances of domestic violence. Recent studies have revealed that about 133 to 275 million children are at a risk of exposure to domestic violence in the world every day, and in addition, children from families where domestic violence takes place are at a risk of abuse and/or neglect. The prevalent behavioral issues seen in children exposed to domestic violence in their families include higher levels of aggression, hostility among others. in addition to, depression among others. This is very devastating considering that approximately 3 to 10 million children are witness to battering against a parent by a close companion each year. In response to domestic violence, many social agencies aim to provide alternative solutions to the victims, in terms of securing shelter and support for the victims and children, raising awareness of the problem. in addition, social agencies also play a role in improving legal and criminal justice responses. For instance, the Battered Women’s Movement in the US is committed to ensuring safety for victims and their children, establishing a systemic change to fight social harassment of targets and upholding their rights. in addition, the movement pursues justice for victims through societal and criminal sanctions. Overall, social work services include but are not limited to provision of accommodation and safe houses, emergency hotlines, crisis counseling and intervention, support groups, medical and mental health recommendations, authorized activism, children’s services and housing relocation services. Problem Overview Many researches on domestic violence defines the problem as a design of intimidating and attacking conducts, including but not limited to physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological attacks, and economic coercion (Brown and Hampson, 2009), which perpetrators employ to gain control over their partners. Domestic violence is a recurrent theme in society today and current research estimates that about 3.3 million children are at risk of exposure to domestic violence in America alone (Edelson, 1999). this finding is accurate according to earlier studies that revealed that about 3 million American households experience at least one incident of serious violence annually. Traditionally, many societies have understood and conceptualized domestic violence as a social problem that affects women exclusively, however, domestic violence affects other populations and societal institutions as well. For instance, men and children may also suffer the devastating consequences of domestic violence in different measures, whereas societal institutions such as families and the church risk enormous challenges due to dysfunctional relationships. Domestic violence is a socio-economic and health concern that cuts across every section of the society without discrimination –affects all irrespective of demographics such as age, race, socio-economic statuses, religion, and sexual orientation. Domestic violence yields a number of devastating consequences for individuals, families, communities, and the society in general.

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