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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Social networks have changed human interaction in the 21 th century. It needs to be at least 1250 words.Each of these components of social networki

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Social networks have changed human interaction in the 21 th century. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Each of these components of social networking in the 21st century is a drastic change from traditional models of communication, which depend on notions of the richness of live, interpersonal contact. In contrast, an online social network values the organization of information above the medium by which one makes those connections. In this vein, there is a wide range of academic research to draw upon in surveying the ways in which human communication has been unalterably changed by the advent of social networking websites, which is a change becoming increasingly evident as younger generations invest so much time into maintaining their personal networks. Firstly, one should note that social networking has changed the interpersonal interaction environment from solely face-to-face to primarily computer-to-computer. Instead of wondering how their physical environment can affect people’s social behaviors, studies into social networking now focus on how social behaviors can be affected by web interface design (Benevenuto, Rodrigues and Cha 49). One upshot of this is that user’s interactions on a social networking website are all logged and kept permanent, whereas oral language is not kept permanent outside of an electronic recorder and the memories of those involved. Having a recorded message or conversation makes using data for improving interpersonal interactions possible to some degree. Secondly, it should be noted that in the 21st century, social networks have changed the standards for individual personas. Lange (2007) creates the distinction between “publicly private” and “privately public” in her studies of user behaviors on the social networking and video sharing website YouTube. “Publicly private” behavior occurs when a video maker reveals his or her identity, but her content is not widely accessed. “privately public” behavior involves sharing accessible content with a large number of users, but limiting access to the maker’s identity to few (Lange 361). In the age of social networking, it is indeed possible, looking at this nomenclature, to manage one’s personal by managing one’s involvement in social networking websites. This falls in contrast to the era of interpersonal communication before the popularity of these websites, in which a person’s reputation depended on one’s real-time persona. In the 21st century, this persona is more carefully managed in order to meet the individual’s self-professed goals. Thirdly, and on a similar tangent, social networking has had effects not only on the management of public personas but also on narcissism, which is strongly tied to a notion of public persona (Buffardi and Campbell 1303). Participants in an experiment looking at perceptions of narcissism among Facebook users revealed that a higher degree of social activity with the online community led to an increased rating of perceived narcissism on the part of the networking website user. Factors such as the quantity of social interaction, profile picture self-representation, and personal attractiveness also played a significant role in whether the profile owner was judged narcissistic (Buffardi and Campbell 1309).

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