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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Attitude of the American Soldiers during and after World War Two. It needs to be at least 2000 words.Download file to see previous pages... It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Attitude of the American Soldiers during and after World War Two. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

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It looked as if there would no peace in the near future. There was a difference of twenty years between the First World War and the Second World War. Adolf Hitler who had made Germany unstable by his cruel targets in mind signed deals with Italy and Japan. He was a fanatic who had the aim of world domination in his mind and to him signing this deal would help him to a greater access to other countries of the world and help him achieve his aim of ruling the world. At the time Germany took over Poland, subsequently Britain and France declared war on Germany and they all fell in to a serious war with high casualties on both sides. The main reason the war broke out was, that there were a lot of unresolved issues from the first war. Countries still nursed injuries and had grudges against each other. America at first had shown its support for the allied forces but had never physically participated in the war. They had offered all kind of support to the allied forces and had said that if need arises they would surely help them out (Terkel, 1984). The soldiers were at a calm and peaceful state, they were aware there was a war going on and they were like sleeping partners in it. It was amazing that despite being a part of Allied forces, there was no sense of fear or tension in the American soldiers. They all thought that life was normal and would continue to do so. Only if some terrible news from the Allied army reached to them then the atmosphere would become somber. A soldier from the world war two said that, now as he thinks back he feels that it was like a serene and peaceful state, like calm before the storm. The soldiers went about their normal drills and there were no special drills or any other guerilla activities being conducted at the American camps. They were providing assistance to the Allied forces in the form of weapons and other arms. They were also providing assistance in the form of other material helps. It was a much sidelined place that they had in war earlier. They were psychologically at a stage of calmness and felt that they would not be harmed and they were at ease. There was a sense of security that the soldiers had, they felt as they were not attacking and physically harming any country they will not also face anything. No one will attack them and they can get through this war without any casualties. The Americans had lost a lot of people in the world war one and therefore they had quite much insecurity with sending their men again to a war. Although there was a sense of security in the minds of people and as well as soldiers, because many people assumed it as a false sense of security, because they felt, even if the soldiers are not participating in the war physically, there is proxy war by providing ammunitions and declaring your support for the cause. It was a matter of time before the American soldiers also got involved in the war. The soldiers on the other hand were at some point estimating that they might have to go in for physical combat or t some point they thought that they might get dragged into it. Whatever they though and felt, they were not prepared yet. They had a lot of things to be done and theirs bases were as and as peaceful as they would during the time of no war (Adams, 2000). While the whole world war is going in the backdrop the participation of Americans was limited to the table talks, cutting of trade ties and helping out by political conferences and maneuvers.

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