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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Theiores. It needs to be at least 1250 words.Download file to see previous pages... Careful reading of the story especially the last few paragraphs

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Theiores. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Download file to see previous pages...

Careful reading of the story especially the last few paragraphs discloses considerate significance and irony that one may not initially expect. This piece of writing explains and analyses the different uses of symbolism in the Young Goodman Brown. Young Goodman doubts towards the Puritan religion as well as suspicion of his neighbors’ probable insincerity increases as he journeys into the forest. Although he holds on his Puritan religion, he still entertains his desires to indulge in the devil’s way. Goodman Brown departs from his wife Faith who is not impressed by her husband’s departure. Goodman’s wife’s name itself is a representation of Brown’s faith in God throughout the story. The wife urges him to stay behind but Brown resists her request and goes to the forest after he has assured Faith that she is secure and that she shall be no harm that will befall her. The aspect of love amongst the couple is represented when she calls her husband dearest heart as the husband refers to her as his love and faith. It is at sundown when Brown departs and the dusk progressively darkens just as Goodman Brown’s faith in God fades. Brown meanders away through the woods which are so dark that someone cannot see through. The woods’ poor visibility and darkness symbolizes isolation and uncertainty kind of life that people who do not have faith in God experience (Kirszner &amp. Mandell 445-446). Goodman Brown meets a traveler holding a snakelike staff that symbolizes the devil. From the Bible the snake constantly represents the devil and this is evident in the story. Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays the man whom Brown met as more like Brown but would not care to face or involve himself in any circumstances. This symbolizes the devil’s expected domain of being everywhere and in virtually every situation. The Satan drags Goodman Brown deep inside the forest. It is interesting and ironical when the devil asks Brown about his reason for lateness and brown responds that he was still held back by Faith. This symbolizes the Christian and the Puritan beliefs that it is only faith that can hold someone back from indulging in satanic acts (Kirszner &amp. Mandell 445-446). The deception and temptation by Satan is symbolized in the story when the devil tells him that his father was a hypocrite who was a murder and a wife beater and that he has many Christian friends who have made a pact with him. In the Bible, the serpent is seen to tempt Eve to taste the fruit from the forbidden tree and this kind of temptation further motivates curiosity of Eve. The traveler also uses this tactic to convince Brown and influence him into joining him in his satanic acts. The devil tries to convince brown to take the staff that is black in color and represents evil to make him travel faster. The staff shows that the traveler is more evil than human and Goodman’s decision to accept the snakelike thing would definitely put him on the path toward evil too and this symbolizes Eve’s temptation. It is the curiosity that represents the guilt and purpose that makes Goodman to go to the woods. Goodman Brown encounters Goody Cloyse who symbolizes Brown’s doubts in the sincere living of his neighbors where his language is further expressed in symbolism. Goody Cloyse symbolizes the sinful nature of some Christians who are pretenders.

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