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Compare and contrast colonial slavery in the New England, Middle and Southern colonies. Make sure to list each state in each region, the population dynamics, the difference in slave codes, and how the climate dictate which type of slavery dominated each region. Finally, review how the Spanish and the French handled slavery in the Americas. Make sure to discuss slavery laws in French Louisiana, Spanish Louisiana and the Code Noir. (BE VERY THROUGH IN THIS ESSAY). This assignment should be at least 1 ½ (one and a half) pages long via a Word Document.

If you have access to the following book can you please use that

Deborah Gray White, D.G.W, Mia Bay, M.B & Waldo E. Martin Jr, W.E.M.J. Freedom On My Mind A History Of African Americans With Documents. 2nd ed. Boston, Ma: Michael Rosenberg, 2017. Print

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