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Here is my problem.

Please help. Here is my problem...Write a main function and the following functions to compute the stress and strain in a steel rod of diameter D (inches) and the length L (inches) subject to the compression loads P of 10,000 to 1,000,000 pounds in increments of 100,000 pounds. The modulus of elasticity E for steel is 30 X .A function to compute the stress from the formulasStress = f P/AWhere / 4.0 A function to compute the strain from the formulas Elongated or shortened length Strain A function to output the stress and strain at different loads of P. Here is what I have, but can't get to work...#include <stdio.h>float funcstress( );float funcstrain( ); void funcoutput( );int main( ){float load, area, diameter, stress, strain;const float PI= 3.141593;const float E=30000000;printf("Input diameter: n");scanf("%f", &diameter);n", diameter);load = 10000;while(load <=1000000);{stress = funcstress(diameter, load);strain = funcstrain(stress);printf("Compression Load = %lbs. Stress = %f Strain = %f", stress, strain);}funcoutput(stress, strain);load += 100000;return 0;} float funcstress(diameter, load){const float PI = 3.141593;float stress, area;area = PI * (diameter * diameter) / 4.0; stress = load / area;return stress;}float funcstrain(stress) {const float E=30000000;float strain;strain = stress/E;return strain;}voidfuncoutput (stress, strain){ printf("Compression Load = lbs. Stress = %f Strain = %f", stress, strain);return;} I need this asap. I am burnt out trying to figure this thing out and am doing nothing more than causing myself a lot of frustration and stress!!

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