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Here is the Saturn Case. Do not leave it until the last minute! I think it takes a few days to digest all the information. Keep notes on the costs as...

Here is the Saturn Case.   Do not leave it until the last minute!   I think it takes a few days to digest all the information.  Keep notes on the costs as you read it.  It is an old case, but a great example of how you evaluate different modes to ship your product.  

Answer format: MS Power Point.  If you have more then 12 powerpoint slides, it is too long and will be marked down 5 points. There are 8 questions and 1 slide per question, except for the flow charts. That question can be up to 4 slides.  

The answers for a few of the questions is best presented in a chart, with each city listed. This would be Question 3, 4, 5, and 6. This way I can see the cost items or service items that influenced your recommendation. Include your math and the logic behind it. You won't get full credit for taking a guess. Make sure your answers are clearly stated. I do not assume your answer if you just post a calculation, so say truck or rail.

One question requires a process flow chart. Be VERY detailed. It is a very common activity that you need to learn at some point, so this may the time.  It is, basically, breaking down the steps of an activity and listing them in boxes with arrows to the next activity.  If you have two options or outcomes, you may have two arrows.  My recommendation is to draw it by hand, take a picture and place the picture in the power point.  There are different shapes for different types of activity, but I will be happy with just boxes.  I will leave it to you to research the Internet for more detailed instructions if you need them.  

I recommend putting the time into assembling a professional presentation. Power-point is the perfect tool.  Charts, brief bullet point answers, and calculations / logic below answers is how the business world works. 

(The two files needed are below, one is for the process map question the other is the case with the 8 questions that need to be answered. )



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