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heres the video https://youtu.

Hi, ashley hicks told me that you helped here if so please can you help me please i don't have that much please. i am going to upload the assignment and video.

heres the video

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ITEC 3280– Web ProgrammingAssignment 5______________________________________________________________________________Event Handling1. Use the attached js library, utilities.js, when doing steps 2 to 4. To use the js library, youneed to add the following script tag before all other script tags in all html pages and putthe file in the same directory, which all html pages are located.<script type="text/javascript" src="utilities.js"></script> 2. Revise the product_order.html page to include a “comments” (text area control) for usercomments. Using the event handling utility (utilities.js) from step 1, create a function(limitText()) in the product_order.js to limit the input up to 100 characters. Also, add aspan tag below the text area control that shows the character count.If utilities.js is used, document.getElementById('id') can be replaced with U.('id')To limit the number of characters, the following statements can be used// to get the comments element var comments = U.$('comments'); // to count the number of characters var count = comments.value.length; // to display the count U.$('count').innerHTML = count; // to cut the overage if (count > 100) {comments.value = comments.value.slice(0, 100);} 3. Revise the product_order.html and product_order.js to add a division (<div> tag,id='current_datetime') above the input fields to display the current datetime when pageis loaded. Then update the datetime when a mouseover event occurs on the div.U.addEvent(U.$('current_datetime'), 'mouseover', function() {}); // update the date/time 4. Revise the product_order.html to include a “Reset” button.<input type="button" id="reset_button" value="Reset"> Create a function, called reset(), in the product_order.js to reset all the user inputs andremove error messages. Then add the following event handler in the init () function toprevent the user from accidentally resetting the form.U.addEvent(U.$('reset_button'), 'click', function(){var result = confirm("Are you sure?");if (result){reset();}}); 5. Revise login.html to include validation routines. If the user name and/or password textbox are empty, display error messages. Add the focus() method to set focus on theempty control.6.
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