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Hi. Could you please help me this exercise? Thank you What to do?

Hi. Could you please help me this exercise? Thank you

What to do?

• You will choose one external resource.

The first source must be a relatively recent (within the last 2 months) news article and connect it to the concepts you have been learning about. This assignment will help to broaden the discussions about "the big questions" and topics we have focused on.

• The second resource will be one of the text from class that aligns with your topic.

For example: In Unit 1, we explore different ways of "knowing". You can find an article that related to either:

• Plato's description/understanding of experience (Philosophical)

• Barash's description/understanding of experience (Scientific)

• Fisher's description/understanding of experience (Religious) Your article can be a direct example, or a larger idea that applies to the topics discussed.

Now what?

1. In paragraph 1, summarize the newspaper article fully. Do NOT use any direct quotes from the article. Do not include your opinion yet! Summarize it in a way that shows you understand the article.

2. In paragraph 2, demonstrate how your selected article connects to the topic you are focusing on. This means, how does it relate to the course concepts, skills, or issues discussed? This is where you will use the class reading, AND your newspaper article. Reference the course reading, and include citations when needed. There should be a minimum of two references used in this section. Paraphrase or use direct quotes from your sources.

3. In your third paragraph, explain how this topic can relate to you or others around you. This could focus on what you have experienced, what you have observed, or what you have learned. 4. Include a reference list for all sources that have been used. 2 sources are required. 

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