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Hİ-HO Silver Case Presentation

I uploaded Hi-HO case here and ı  need a presentation and answer of the questions.Question is below and ı am expecting good work and early response before my presantation.I t must be 10-15 pages on PPT with pictures and answers and explanation of the questions

Case 9: Hi-Ho Silver: Use Metrics to Drive Integrated Marketing Communication Decision

Q1: Calculate the response rates for each month of the Miss You campaign. What months have the highest and lowest response rates? Based on your assessment of monthly response rates, what might you conclude about timing of the mailers? What recommendations would you make for revising the Miss You campaign? How might you implement a test strategy to determine the optimal timing for distribution of the Miss You postcards?

Q2: Based on the market penetration data provided in the case, think about the various reasons why Hi-Ho Silver would offer a larger discount in one geographic area versus another and the impact that the discount offer has on the company's profitability. Which ZIP Code area would you recommend targeting to prospect for new Hi-Ho Silver customers? Why?

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